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Coffee does really make you more productive?

I'm a huge coffee drinker/addict. Like 3 to 5 and more per day easy. It's my second budget here in Thailand ah, ah. I'm so much into coffee that my partner and friend Vic and I started a side project about coffee ^^. I found an interesting infographic about coffee...

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Be a leader, master the art of delegation!

If you visited our blog and more generally our website it's probably because you looking into how to get some designs to be done for your business, and you are definitely at the right place! By the way, if you don't have it done yet you can watch our 14min demo video...

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How meditation gets me more focus in my work and life

I’m a hyperactive/passionate type of person. It’s mean that it’s very difficult for me to do nothing and when I get into something, I get hard into it. For a long time, I’ve seeing meditation as a “doing nothing” kind of activity. So I’ve just removed it from my list...

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Instagram banner, 10 tips for your next creation

Instagram banner is a new way in which you can engage your followers on Instagram with an innovative and uncommon approach. Artists such as @micahnotfound and @asvpxrocky have used this visual style to engage people in a way that attracts attention to the uniqueness...

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Tips on using google image search for your SEO

Google Image Search is the version of Google dedicated to images, and it is a very effective technique for your search engine marketing strategy and implicitly for your search engine optimisation strategy. Images can not only make your website visually attractive, but...

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